Weiss Schwarz: Attack On Titan Final Season Booster Display (pre-order)

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Release date: 8/26/2022

Weiss Schwarz: Attack On Titan: Final Season Booster Display.

What is freedom?

Will Eren ever be truly free?

Join Eren as the final battle begins, on the stage of Weiß Schwarz!

Attack On Titan: Final Season Now coming to Weiß Schwarz as an English Edition Original!

Every pack you purchase has a chance to include a signed card by the following members of the cast:

Yuki Kaji (as Eren Jaeger)
Yui Ishikawa (as Mikasa Ackermann)
Marina Inoue (as Armin Arlert)
Hiroshi Kamiya (as Levi Ackermann)
Yoshimasa Hosoya (as Reiner Braun)

Product Features:

The cards in this Booster Pack may be used together with cards that their number begins with「AOT/」!

Product Specifications: Total 100 types of cards + 41 types (Parallel)


9 Cards per Pack
16 Packs per Display
2 of 7 exclusive PR cards in every display box!

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