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The Bearded Dragon CCG

Yugioh! Legendary Collection: Gameboard Edition

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Product Description

Legendary Collection: Gameboard Edition is a special re-release of Legendary Collection packaged in a rectangular game box.

Collection includes the following items:
•Winged Dragon of Ra (Limited-Edition) (Ultra-Rare Foil)
•Slifer the Sky Dragon (Limited-Edition) (Ultra-Rare Foil)
•Obelisk the Tormentor (Limited-Edition) (Ultra-Rare Foil)
•Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Limited-Edition) (Ultra-Rare Foil)
•Red Eyes B. Dragon (Limited-Edition) (Ultra-Rare Foil)
•Dark Magician (Limited-Edition) (Ultra-Rare Foil)
•1 Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Booster Pack
•1 Metal Raiders Booster Pack
•1 Spell Ruler Booster Pack
•1 Dark Crisis Booster Pack
•1 Pharoahs Servant Booster Pack
•1 Invasion of Chaos Booster Pack
•1 Legendary Egyptian God double-sided Gameboard